7. Care & Repair
  • 7.1 Lifetime repair programme

    We offer lifetime repairs for all our raincoats, whether bought online or in stores.

    Repairs due to wear and tear will incur a minor fee to cover postage and materials. Please email repairs [at] faeroes.co.uk and we will be happy to assist you.

    Should a product be irreparable we will recycle it for you, reusing any available fabric and providing credit towards future products.

  • 7.2 Waterproof

    All our rainwear is 100% waterproof with fully taped interior seams.

    We use a material called bonded cotton that contains an impermeable natural rubber membrane placed between two thin layers of cotton. Unlike Gore-Tex and other performance materials, this waterproof cotton fabric does not require retreating and will remain waterproof for life.

  • 7.3 Natural rubber

    Both the bonded cotton material and waterproof glue are made from a natural rubber solution that carries a distinctive scent.

    When unboxing your new rainwear this will be particularly apparent and is part of what makes your raincoat a genuine mackintosh. The scent will soon fade once left to hang.

    Avoid high temperatures such as radiators, fires, and hot-water pipes as this may damage the natural rubber.

  • 7.4 Storage

    To maintain the appearance of your raincoat please observe the following:

    - Air dry naturally when not in use, especially before storage.
    - Avoid direct sunlight for extended periods of time as this may bleach colours.
    - Do not store folded as this may leave visible creases. Instead store flat or hanging.

  • 7.5 Cleaning

    Cleaning should be carried out infrequently and by hand only where required:

    - Do not dry clean or machine wash.
    - Small stains should be spot removed with a little soap and water.
    - Use gentle pH neutral soap, never spirits or other harsh chemical cleaners.
    - If it is necessary to wash the whole coat, run a bath with tepid water and wash gently with soap.
    - Remove any water collected in the pockets and hang to drip dry naturally.
    - Do not iron.

  • 7.6 Warranty

    We offer a 3 year warranty on all our products. In the unlikely event of a manufacturing default please email repairs [at] faeroes.co.uk and we will work with you to assess the issue and cover any expenses where necessary.

    Repairs made outside of this warranty still benefit from our lifetime repair programme, with a minor fee to cover postage and materials.